Rental of the Ulva Estate in 1791

Purchased in 1784, after Sir Archibald's return to Britain from Jamaica, the Ulva Estate
cost £ 3200.
Today's equivalent would be £ 179,296.
The rent total of £172.6.6, after some deducations (feu duties,
Minister's stipend and Baron Officer salary, etc came to net £ 160.18.1,
or, in today's terms, £9, 015.46

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In 1791, the Farmers at Ulva were the following:

Old Ulva, divided into quarters:
Dugald Leitch, Mary McGilp (with her son)
Archibald McLean;
and (sharing a quarter), Ronald McNicol and Duncan McNicol

Old Ulva Mansion, garden & office:
Alexander McNab

Newtown Ulva, divided into halves:
Alexander Galbreath and John Paterson.

Cosandrochaid, divided in quarters:
Dugald Graham, Lachlan Graham
Niel McGugan and Angus McGuirman (Blue)

Archibald Carswell

Farm NameLeaseRent AmountSubtotal
Ulva Old TownWhit 1789 - 180172 
Ulva Mansion House, pasture, gardenWhit 1789 - 18015. 2. 6 
Ulva New TownWhit 1789 - 180130. 4 
CoishindrochitWhit 1789 - 180163 
GlachnamuickWhit 1789 - 18012172. 6. 6
Kelp Shoresblotted outblotted out 
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