Rental of the Taynish Estate in 1791

This estate was purchased in 1779 (the same year Campbell married Amelia Ramsay) for the price of £ 14,000.
Today's equivalent would be £ 784,420.00
The Rental total of £ 759.1.10 was further decreased by Feu Duties,
a Minister's Stipend and the Baron Officer's and Baillies' Salaries,
and Bishop Teinds of Barbea, arriving at a net of
£ 734.9.10, or in today's terms, £ 41,153.57

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In 1790, the Farmers in this Taynish Estate were as follows:

Taynish and Duntaynish:
John McDougall, received a 19 year lease

John Campbell, Baron Officer

Tayvallich Changehouse:
John Campbell

Tayvallich Smithy:
Robert McLachlan

Turbiskill, SE Division, divided into thirds:
John McGilp, Angus McGugan,
and Archibald Brown

Turbiskill, NW Division, divided into thirds
Malcolm McLean, John McLachlan,
and Dugald Campbell

Turbiskill NE Division, divided into quarters:
Malcolm McCaill and Gilbert McAlpine, eighths
Duncah Graham, Alexr McInlerand, Duncan McNeil, quarters

Upper Fernoch, divided into halves:
Archibald McGugan and Peter Campbell

Barnashallaig, divided into quarters:
Malcolm Paterson, Angus Taylor
John Smith, Malcolm Smith

Barnashallaig Mansion House:
Hugh Leitch and John Leitch

Barnashallaig Island:
for Campbell, Esquire of Dounie (see Barbea Dounie)

Kilmory Ross, in 1790:
Donald Mcsporran/Pursell
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Arinafadbeg, divided into thirds:
Donald Munro, Archibald McNiel,
Hugh McNeil

Arinafadbeg Acre:
Donald Baxter

Scotnish North, divided into halves:
Duncan Campbell and Dugald Campbell

Scotnish South, divided into halves:
Angus McGugan and Angus Smith

Mills of Ross:
John McNiel

Barbea Dounie:
This is a lease for the life of Campbell, Esquire of Downie,
AND the lives of his wife and his son!

Drimnagoul, in 1789, divided into thirds:
Donald Smith, dead. Widow takes over with John Taylor, his
son- in-law;
and Hector Paterson; with Hector Smith and John Smith
sharing the remaining third.

Barbea Ross, divided into quarters:
John McNiel, John Blue
John McLeod and Lachlan Johnston

Fernoch Nether/North, divided into halves:
John Campbell; with John McGalloglich and
Niel McGugan sharing the remaining half

Barbreack, divided into quarters:
Duncan Campbell, Donald McNiel (Jr),
Hector McNiel and Malcolm Campbell

Ardbeg South, divided into quarters:
Alexr Tweedale, Niel McLean,
Lachlan McNiel and John Paterson

Ardbeg North, divided into thirds:
Donald McNiel and Duncan McGugan;
with Niel McGalloglich and Duncan McNiel
sharing the remaining third

Barrahormid, divided into quarters:
Dugald McIherve, Archibald Brown,
John McGugan and John Leitch

Malcolm McMillan

Farm NameLeaseRent amountsubtotal amount
Taynish and DuntaynishWhit 1791 - 1810126 
AchintenavailNo Lease4 
Tayvallich ChangehouseNo Lease18 
Smithy, Acre, TayvallichNo Lease1.2 
Merchant House TayvallichNo Lease3 
Turbiskle SE DivNo Lease11.2.6 & 3/4 
Turbiskle NW DivNo Lease7. 9 
Turbiskle NE DivNo Lease10.8 
Upper FernochWhit 1789 - 180128 
BarnashallaigWhit 1789 - 180145 
Barnashallaig Mansion HouseWhit 1791- 17924. 10 
Barnashalaig IslandWhit 1789 - NO Lease8. 8 
Kilmory RossWhit 1789 - 180148 
ArinafadbegWhit 1789 - 180142 
Arinafadbeg AcreWhit 1789 - NO Lease2. 2 
Scotnish North **Whit 1789 - NO Lease24 
Scotnish SouthWhit 1789 - 180132 
Mills of RossNo Lease28 
Barbea DownieDeath of Downie, wife, son17. 8. 7 6/12 
DrimnagoulWhit 1789 - 180145 
Barbea RossWhit 1789 - 180134 
Fernoch NorthWhit 1789 - 180130 
BarbreackWhit 1789 - 180137 
Ardbeg SouthWhit 1789 - 180133 
Ardbeg NorthWhit 1789 - 180136. 14 
BarrahormidWhit 1789 - 180144. 7 
AchachoishenWhit 1789 - 18014. 15 
Kelp ShoresNo Lease22747. 6. 2 3/12
Vassalage: Ardnakaig Feu Duty 5. 14. 5 
Vassalage: Keilziebar Mill 6. 1. 3759. 1. 10

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