Painting of a young Archie Campbell

Or is it his older brother, James??

As far as I was concerned, this painting could as easily be a painting of James Campbell, Archibald's older brother. James was only 2 years older than Archibald, and both had remarkable careers in the British Army. So, a very helpful descendent of James asked an expert on uniforms of the time, and it seems that - indeed - this is a painting of Archibald.

Information from Ian MacPherson McCulloch, Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding Officer (1993- 1996), The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada:

"Based on my limited knowledge of uniforms, including my statement upfront that what we have here is the earliest known portrait of Sir Archie, done sometime between the Seven Years War and the American Revolution. Why? The gold embroidery lace on the uniform is very similar to that found on other British officers serving with the East India Company at this time. We know that Archie served in India after the Seven Years War (did James?).

"The uniform has the shoulder epauletter instead of a hanging aigulette, placing this uniform post 1768. Archie was in India in post 1768. If you look carefully at the sword knot of this officer's sword, you'll note the gold knot tied up around the hilt denoting him as the rank of captain or below. Majors and above wore their knots loose and hanging. Archie was a captain at this state in his career.

The fortress on the hill looks like it might be in India."

The following page covers Campbell's election campaign in Stirling. It was an exciting time for everyone involved...