Rental of the Knap Estate in 1791

This estate was purchased in 1776
(while Sir Archibald was a Prisoner of War in America)
for the price of £ 4852.2.8.
Today's equivalent would be £ 271,865.03.
The Rental total of £ 276.13.6 was further decreased by Feu Duties,
a Minister's Stipend, the Baron Officer's and Baillies' Salaries, Manse money, and School Stent
arriving at a net of £ 268.17.9, or in today's terms, £ 15,065.77

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In 1792, the Farmers at Knap were the following:

Stronfield, divided into quarters:
Alexander McAlpine, Duncan McCarmaig(McCormack)
Gilbert McIlchombie (later Lamont); and Dugald Campbell

Ballimore, divided into quarters:
Neil Galbreath, Angus McKay
Duncan McArthur and Donald McMillan

Ballimore Mill, in 1790:
Archibald McCallum

Ballimore Cott House, in 1790:
Alexander McIchombie

Kilmory Knap, in 1790, divided into quarters:
Duncan Campbell, Aulay Galbreath,
Neil McIntyre and Duncan McTaggart

Kilmory Knap Cott House, 1790:
Colin Munro and Donald McLachlan

Ardnaw Knap, divided into quarters:
Donald McGown and Donald McAlpine, each a quarter;
Alexander McMillan, two quarters.

Ardnaw Knap Cott House:
Archibald Fisher

Fernoch Knap, 1790, divided into halves:
John McKellar and Alexander Graham

Fernoch Knap Mansion House:
Isabella Campbell, relict of Peter Campell of Knap

Auchinduine (Doide), 1792, divided into quarters:
James Campbell, Donald McLachlan (Jr.);
Ronald McOheinen (Johnston) and John McTavish

Ardnafrain, divided into halves in 1786:
Donald Munn and Duncan McKay
Niel Munn and his wife were cotters here, in 1793: they
had built their own hut

Farm NameLeaseRent AmountRent Subtotal
StronfieldWhit 1787 - 179934 
BallimoreWhit 1787 - 179940 
Ballimore MillWhit 1787 - 17999. 1. 6 
Ballimore Cott HouseNo Lease2. 2 
Kilmory KnapNo Lease38. 14 
Kilmory Cott HouseNo Lease1. 8. 6 
Ardnaw KnapNo Lease51 
Ardnaw Knap Cott HouseNo LeaseBlotted out 
Fernoch KnapWhit 1783 - 179245. 12 
Fernoch Mansion HouseNo Lease8 
Auchinduine (Doide)Whit 1787 - 1799Blotted out 
ArdnafrenNo Lease13 
Kelp ShoresNo Lease5276. 13. 6

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