Rental of the Inverneill Farm in the Inverneill Estate, 1791

This estate was purchased in 1773 for the price of £ 3038.12.0
Today's equivalent would be £ 170,252.76
The Rental total of £ 185.10.0 or in today's terms, £ 10,393.57

The Widow McGlassen (widow of Dugald McGlassen) was tenant of the Inverneill Changehouse

"Inverneil" included Inverneill, the low grounds and summering of Derrymackmurchy.

".... The income Inverneil accrued from his Argyllshire Estates during the 1780s, on average around £ 1550 yearly, (today, £ 97,417.50) was but a fraction (just over a tenth after adjustments for arrears) of the moneys he accumulated annually from his stocks and shares in the East India Company, the Scottish Banks and Consolidated Government Funds, and as financier to his regimental and diplomatic associates. Conversely, the sums initially expended (£ 7977; or £ 501,354 today) in acquiring the estates of Inverneil and Danna in Mid Argyll, were but a tenth of his total expenditure in 1776, over £ 9785 (today, £ 614,987.25) being laid out in stock and £ 55, 560 (£501,354 in today's money) in interest-bearing notes."
Allan I MacInnes, "From Clanship to Clearance in Argyllshire," in Scottish Elites, proceedings of the Scottish Historical Studies Seminar,Edinburgh, 1994.

Farm NameLeaseRent AmountSubtotal
Inverneil*Whit 179094 
Sheep Stock, net of wages, etc 83.10 
Inverneil Changehouse 8185. 10

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