Lord Cockburn, Judge of the Court of Session

There is no view of this accursed Church war in which I find any comfort; and therefore I have nearly subsided into a position of a spectator of a game. The difference in opinion from old political friends can be very painful, were it not that on all other subjects and principles which they formerly promoted, they are as united as ever..... the Church can't be maintained without some mitigation of patronage; and that, tho' Society may certainly do very well without a church, as an abstract principle, the maintainance of the one that happens to be incorporated with all the habits and institutions of the people of Scotland, is desirable, or at least that its suppression by force would be awkward.

Rev Norman McLeod, of Waipu, New Zealand

The following (in the possession of the Waipu Museum) is a letter to Rev John McDonald, Parish of Urquhart, Ross-shire, from Cape Breton, in 1843. It was re-printed in 1874 by the 'New Zealand Herald', because it is a joy to read, and because Reverend Norman McLeod was an amazing person:

"This is the very picture of the Free Church. We have some of her pompous ministers in this country, as not only mere doodles and din-dongs, weather-cocks and worldlings, fanatics and formalists, flatterers and fugitives; but also suckers and swindlers, tipplers and tavern-haunters, pokers and persecutors, bankrupts and bigamists!...."

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