The Dukes of Argyll

Archibald Campbell, (1658 - 1703)
1st Duke of Argyll (1701 - 1703)

John Campbell (1680 - 1743
"Red John of the Battles"
Led the Government Army
at the Battle of Sheriffmuir, 1715
2d Duke of Argyll (1703 - 1743)

Archibald Campbell (1682 - 1761)
3rd Duke of Argyll (1743 - 1761)
Portrait by Allan Ramsay
A Founder of the Royal Bank of Scotland
(his portrait is on RBS banknotes)

John Campbell (1693 - 1770)
4th Duke of Argyll (1761 - 1779)

John Campbell (1723 - 1806)
5th Duke of Argyll (1770 - 1806)
Portrait by Gainsborough
Served at Battles of Falkirk and Culloden
Married one of the fabulous Gunning Sisters

George William Campbell (1768 - 1839)
Marquess of Lorne (1770 - 1806)
6th Duke of Argyll (1806 - 1839)

John Campbell (1777 - 1847)
Lieutenant Colonel/Commandent of
Argyll Volunteers
and from 1809
Colonel of the Argyll and Bute Militia
7th Duke of Argyll (1839 - 1847)

Cat and Mouse: Recruiting Militia Men

The Militia Act of 1797 provides clear and specific directions on the balloting procedure: After gathering from the lists of 'lyable men' provided by the schoolmasters, and having been notified as to the number of men from each parish to be balloted, the committee should proceed in the following manner:

... the Names of all the Militia Men in each Parish, written or printed on distinct Pieces of Paper, being all as near as may be of equal Size, and rolled up in the same Manner, shall be put into a Box or other Vessel, and shall there be shaken together, and then a Number of Names equal to the Number apportioned by the Order in Council aforesaid, shall be drawn out and opened by the Person presiding at the meeting.... (Section XVIII)

However, it is never as easy as planned. Take the following process, intended to fill ONE of a total of six slots for the Parish of South Knapdale: