(Gaelic: “Little Meadow”)
South Knapdale Parish, NR 737724, (On B8024 at Ormsary)
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From notes made by Mrs. Alison Dawson, Tayvallich, 1982 and Marion Campbell of Kilberry (no date given):

A small plot of ground, planted round with wood, used as the district burial ground. In 1985, Marion Campbell of Kilberry noted that this was “... very neglected; human bones may be seen scattered on the ground, and the graves are mostly overgrown...” * This graveyard is divided in two by a deep hollow The higher area to South is capped by a family mausoleum (Campbells of Ormsary) and recent Lithgow family graves nearby; most of the stones recorded are in the lower, northerly part.

*(A state of affairs that had been almost completely corrected by 1998, when Heather McFarlane visited the place.)


00. Near the wicket-gate to the public road is an obelisk inscribed in Gaelic and English to the memory of the REVEREND JAMES GILLIES, Free Church Minister, d 1875, with numerous small markers.

01. Erected by RON DEWAR, in memory of his sister NANC DEWAR who died in Cruitsegar* the 1st Oct 1808. *(Cretshengan)

02. Erected by RONALD DEORE, tenant in Druimnamuckloch in memory of his son JOHN DEORE, who departed this life 11 day March 1812 aged 17 years.

03. Erected by DONALD MCMILLAN, in memory of his mother, MARGARET GRAHAM, who died in the year 1816 aged 57, wife of DUNCAN MCMILLAN. Also his brother ALEXR MCMILLAN, who died in the year 1818 aged 13; and his nephew ALEXANDER CRAFORD who died in the year 1844 aged 26.

04. In memory of ALEXR BRYCE, a mason who was killed by a fall from a scaffold at Drim (?) ( ?) 26th 1777(?) (In the (29th) yeare of his ag(e)
Warning take
Mortals all from this
My unexpected fall
Remember death is all
Mens doom and I was
Cut of in my bloom.

05. Erected by DUNCAN AND JOHN WEIR, in memory of their father DONALD WEIR shoemaker, Orange Bay*, who died 1st Jan 1851, aged 66.
*(now “Orran”; ruined house at roadside S of Kilberry, between Keppoch sheepfank and the former Free Church Manse; named for the family land in Jamaica)

06. Erected by his family to the memory of LACHLAN MCNEILL, late shepherd at Sheneghart, * who departed this life the 9th July 1823 aged 70 years

*(“Old Enclosure/Garden”, lay upstream from the present Ormsary House. The name was used for a modern villa build on the S side of the river, in what is still called the Villa Field, immediately of a “Lodge” with Gothick windows - Villa erected by Ballinaby Campbells, late 19th C and demolished by the Lithgows, early 20th C, when they restored the old Ormsary House and enlarged it.)

07. Erected by Ann Ruthven at Ballyghaverigan, in memory of her daughter Margt Walker, who died in June 1854 aged 13.

08. Erected by MALCOM MACFARLAN, shepherd in Ormsary, in memory of his son ALEXANDER who died 10th Febry 1829 aged 25. Also his daughter MARY, who died 21st June 1827 aged 21.

9. Erected by CATHRINE TURNER, in memory of her husband DUGALD MCPHAIL, who died at Kilmaluaig* the 17th Oct 1834 aged 57. The above CATHRINE TURNER, who died 2d Feby 1868 aged 86. (*Kilmaluag, Kilmaluaig; next S of Drumdrishaig)

10. Appropriated by DONALD MACCORMICK*, shoemaker at Kilberry, in memory of his mother ISABELLA LAMONT, died the 28th July 1821 aged 57 years. (*Donald MacCormick was Session Clerk of Kilberry Parish)

11. DONALD AND DOUGALD MCPHAIL, in memory of father, DONALD MCPHAIL, tenant in Kilmaluag, d. 3/6/1804 aged 58.

12. NEIL GALBRAITH, cottar, Lochhead,to the memory of his son Donald, who died 4 March 1861, aged 11.

12a. . (monument matches # 12)
NEIL GALBRAITH, Lochead, the year 1861.

Mausoleum, SE of graveyard: wall tablet
13. To the right lies the body of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL OF ORMSARY Esq, who died the 17th November 1822, aged 62

14. To the left lies the body of CATHERINE, his Sister, Spinster, who died in July 1818, aged 55 years

15. MARION CAMPBELL, niece to the Above, d 11 June 1877 aged 78

Marble tablet in Centre of Wall
16. Sacred to the memory of FARQUHARD CAMPBELL, ESQ OF ORMSARY and Melville Estate Demerary. Who died at Edinburgh 18 December 1829, aged 69

and William, son of above, d 1867, 42nd Regt
(**She was from Midlothian, Edinburgh; the mother of William Campbell, J. P, Prop of Ormsary in 1851 and 1861/ and was 58 in 1851, therefore born in 1793/ William was 32 in 1851, and therefore born in 1819)
Also stones to Campbells of the Ballinaby branch who succeeded to the estate in the late 19th Century.

18. MACINTYRE (1868)

19. Upper area, Later graves, including LITHGOW family