South Knapdale Parish, NR 777781
(On road from Achahoish to Ellary)
Transcriptions were by Mr McKenna and Mrs. Alison Dawson, Tayvallich
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Circular ground, with a raised centre ( possibly on a large cairn), close to the garden of the Parish Manse’ and between it and the river. It was probably the site of an ancient chapel, removed in order to build the present Lochead house. A standing stone is present, some 2 m (6 ft) high, about 20 m SW of the graveyard. The latter is most likely prehistoric. (From www.rcahms.co.uk)


1. Recumbent, chamfered edges
This is the burial place apointed for JOHN WHEIT in Drumnamucklach, & ISOBEL CAMPBELL, his spous 1720.

2. Appropriated by ARCHD and DUNCAN MACALPINE, in memory of their father JOHN MCALPINE late tenant at Auchdadunan* who died the 5th May 1823 aged 60 years. Also of their mother CATHRINE WHYTE died the 24th Jan 1823 Aged 60 years. (?*Auchinduine or Doide?)

3. In memory of the REVD DUNCAN RANKIN, for 36 years minister of the Parish of South Knapdale, died 5th November 1842 aged 73 years.

4. Here lies the corps of JOHN MCKICH, son to DUNCAN MCKICH in Lochead, who died Mar 1747 aged 3 years.

5. 1817. Erected by WALTER TENNANT, mason, in memory of his son PETER who died 19th Mch aged 31 years.

6. Here lies the corps of DUNCAN BLACK, son to DONALD BLACK, who died Sept 1762 aged 4 years. Don by Archibald Black

7. Recumbent, chamfered edge; Centre; shield with side facing visored helmet, motto scroll (schield & scroll blank)
Here lies the corps of DUNCAN MCKICH, who lived in Lochhead, South Knapdale, and died July 26, 1761 aged 50.

8. Erected by LACHLAN MACLEAN, tenant at Lagganroaig, in memory of his father CHARL’S MCLEAN, late tenant Barsaghebhragain who departed this life the (?) Jan 1839

9. Here lies the corps of ANGUS M(C) INTAGERT, who lived in Lochhead and died Octr 1768 aged 76 (?5). Don by ALEXANDER his son.

10. Recumbent, chamfered edges; on back, scroll, skull & crossbones
PATRICK POLLOCK, Minr of the Gospel in South Knapdale. ELLEN CAMPBELL his spouse. Here lies the corps of JEAN POLLOCK dau to the same Patrick who died 1722 in the third year of her age.

11. Memento morie
Here lies the remains of ALEXR MCBRIDE, who was farmer in Clochbreek for 54 years, who departed this life Septr 11th 1809 aged 86 years. NIELL AND DUGD MCBRIDE 1st Febry 1815.

12. Erected by DUGALD AND NEIL MCBRIDE, in memory of their father NEIL MACBRIDE late farmer in Drimucklach who died the 9th Oct 1829 aged 81 years. Also their mother MARGARET MACLEAN his spouse, died 4th Novr 1860 aged 74 years.

13. D MCM(ILLAN) died in the year 1777 aged 19 years. ALEXR MCMILLAN (his) bro(ther) his don this.

14. (JOHN MUNRO 1907, 76 years/ w JANET MACGREGOR/ 1920 (81)

15. Erected by MARGARET CLARK, in memory of her husband, JOHN CLARK, who died at C//?.. July 1856 aged 60

16. ? MCTAGGART (Free Church Elder, 1897)