East side of Loch Sween, near the “Point of Knap.”
Lists made by F. S. MacKenna in 1984 and
Mrs. Alison Dawson, Tayvallich, 1982
with further corrections made by Mrs. Dawson in 2006
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"...This consists of a medieval chapel in rectangular burial ground, containing an important collection of early and late medieval stones. “McMillan Cross” was moved inside the Chapel in 1981.. ... It has a hunting scene and an inscription, ‘hec est crux Alexandri McMulen” (Here is Alexander MacMillan’s cross’) referring to a 15th - c Keeper of Castle Sween. The shaft of another cross, commissioned by Alexander’s grandson Duncan, stands on a plinth; near it is part of its head, recently rescued from the stream. The stones around the walls range from 8th - 12th C on left as one enters to a series of medieval stones (to 16th - c). The medieval designs include armoured men, ships, swords, and caskets. One has two axes sunk into a block, with an inscription to ‘John the Carpenter’ and, down its sword-blade, ‘the brothers Maelmoire and Crhistinus Faber’... Blacksmith’s tools and cloth-shears appear on other stones; one pair of shears bears the name ‘Henry Tulloch’, perhaps a Lowland clothier, on one leg, and on the other ‘Cristinus Faber’ (again). Another tradesman is shown on the small stone in high relief, a rare representation of 15th - c civilian dress; the name ‘Johannes...’ can just be made out.

A small early cross-slab near the E end was rescued from forestry ground near Achnamara. A priest’s tomb lies before the site of the altar at E.; several fragments wrought with square sockets may be parts of the altar itself. A quern (hand-mill) probably comes from a woman’s grave.

Marion Campbell, MidArgyll and archaeological guide, Natural History and Antiquarian Society of Mid Argyll, 1984, page 25


1.Reverse of stone has skull and cross bones under “Memento Mori.”
Here lies the corps of JOHN MCINTYRE, Tennant in Ardnaw who died Decmr 27th 1746 aged 35. Done by ARCHIBALD his son 1769.

2. Erected by MARY MCLACHLAN, in loving remembrance of her husband HUGH MCNAUGHTON who died 17th May 1900, aged 75 years. Also their family: DUNCAN who died May 1880 aged 23 years; DUGALD, died August 1854 aged 1 year and 3 months; HUGH died Octr 1873 aged 1 year & 3 months; DONALD died in infancy. The above MARY MCLACHLAN who died at Rothesay 1st Dec 1917 aged 95 years. Their son HUGH ARCHD died 11th Aug 1928 aged 54 years.
“Asleep in Jesus Blessed Sleep
From which none ever rise to weep”

3. (Inside the chapel)
Sacred to the memory of DUNCAN MCCORMICK, late Clachbreck died at Erins, Tarbert, 18th Septr 1863 aged 68 years. Also his three children ARCHIBALD, HECTOR & ANN, also his wife ANN MCALPINE, died at Tarbert 24th March 1877 in her 71st year, also their sons JOHN MCCORMICK died at Tarbert 31st October 1885 aged 52 years and ARCHIBALD died 20th July 1900 aged 64 years, ALEXANDER died 9th May 1919 aged 76 years.

4. (Inside the chapel)
Erected by ARCHIBALD MCCORMICK Farmer, Kilbride in Memory of HECTOR his son who died at Arran 23rd December 1838 aged 10 years.
“The bark is still: the storm is over”
(Carving of boat)

5. (Inside the chapel; flat stone)
Erected by ARCHD MCCORMICK late in Kilbride, in memory of his sister RACHEL who departed this life 2nd Octr 1811 aged 36.

6. (Inside the chapel)
Erected by MARGARET LIVINGSTON Stronefield in memory of her husband ARCHIBALD MCKELLAR Late Tenant at Stronefield who departed this life in the 19th July 1853 aged 64 years.

7. Upright stone with flat stone in front - both inscriptions the same.
Erected by DONALD MCCORMICK Farmer Kilbride in Memory of his father ARCHD MCCORMICK late farmer Kilbride who departed this life 16th March A.D. 1846 aged 84 years. Also ALEX son of above DONALD MCCORMICK who died 18th Aug 1848 aged 10 years. Also his wife MARGARET GRAHAM who died at Taynish 2nd June 1855 aged 89 years.

8. Upright granite stone with flat stone in front - inscriptions same
Sacred to the memory of MALCOLM CAMPBELL (?) who died 27th March 1864 aged 9 months and 9 days; also HECTOR who died 20th March 1877 aged 28 years the beloved sons of ARCHIBALD MCCORMICK AND MARY CAMPBELL, Taynish. Their daughter, MARGARET, died 20th October 1891 aged 36 years. The above ARCHIBALD MCCORMICK died 1st April 1897 aged 90 years. Also the above MARY CAMPBELL died 16th March 1900 aged 78 years. DUNCAN MCCORMICK died 11th March 1919 aged 72 years.

9. JOHN GRAHAM died May 11, 1772. Aged (5)1 years
(Age may be 51 - note that the “s” is reversed at the end of “years”)

10. Two upright stones and a flat stone in front, all enclosed of a low rail
a. FEUCH AM BI SIBH GLIC ACHLAN Sacred to the memory of JOHN GRAHAM, Farmer who died at Dunorsay 10 May 1851 Aged 66 years.
“The Uniformity and Integrity of his Conduct as a Member in The Church and as a Father in the bosom of his Family will be long in the recollection of his numerous Friends.
John XI.23. Jesus saith unto her
Thy brother shall rise again
25. I am the Resurection and the Life”

And DONALD his son, died at Glasgow, 24th Aug 18(8)9 aged 67 years, Erected by the Family

Sacred to the memory of LILLY GRAHAM, wife of JOHN GRAHAM Farmer who died at Dunorsay* 5 April 1852 aged 68 years.
Prov. 31. 28. Her Children arise up and call her Blessed
Revel. 14. 13. Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord

Also their daughter SARAH GRAHAM died 1st May 1875, aged 44 years; and DUGALD MCNEIL, Sarah’s husband died 28th May 1880 aged 57 years; DONALD their son 14th Feb 1895 aged 24.

c. ( Flat stone)
In memory of DUNCAN, sixth son of JOHN GRAHAM AND LILLY GRAHAM, died at Campbeltown 11th Janry 1885 aged 56. For Twenty years Minister of the Free Church Kilbrandon Afterwards for Eight years of Lorne Street Free Church Campbeltown, and his remains are interred in Kilkerran Cemetery there.
“Brother most loving and dearly beloved
A Friend very tender and true
A Pastor ceaseless in labours and watching
A Preacher winning and faithful in teaching.”
Job XXIX: 1 - 13

11. Erected by ARCHIBALD KERR, Mariner, in memory of his Father ALEXANDER KERR who departed this life on April 12th 1828 aged 81 years.

12. Erected by DUNCAN MCLACHLAN Mariner, Castle Sween in memory of his spouse JANNET SMITH who departed this life the 12th July 1827 aged 26 years.

13. Here lies the corps of DUNCAN MCILICHOUIM, son to ALEXANDER MCILICHOUM in Ilandfiore who died March 27th 1754 aged 5...

14. Erected by DONALD PATERSON Tenant Fernoch and his spouse SARAH MCLACHLAN in memory of their son ARCHIBALD who departed this life on the (5)th Aug 1831 aged 21 years.