North Knapdale Parish Church and Graveyard, B841, near Achnamara; NR 7752859
Entries by F S MacKenna, 1984 and Mrs. Alison Dawson, Tayvallich, 1982
including further corrections made by Mrs. Dawson in 2006.
as well as additional inscriptions dated post-1855, recorded 16th May 1992
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Probable site of medieval chapel, and parish church from 1734. Currie, in 1830, listed chapel, burial ground, well and priest's house, "the last 30' x 20' with two round hollow cavities in a rock forming part of a wall" It was situated on the slopes of Druim na Creige, NE of the present church, from where the southern section of the original drove road can be seen crossing the bridge above the beautiful waterfalls of the Barnagad Burn to run alongside the Achadh Dubh or Black Field...

There are three 17th-century gravestones in the present burial ground, with debased sword and leaf scroll ornament dated 1642, 1644 and 16- - (see # 20 & 21 below), in the SE corner of the churchyard, near the railed grave of the Campbells of Duntroon (latter has a tablet contributed by Australian descendents; see # 15 below).

Currie noted in 1830 that in the east corner of this parish cemetery there “is a tombstone of great antiquity. It belongs to the MacNeils of Taynish, the ancient proprietors of North Knapdale. The epitaph on the tombstone is cut in relief partly in the Celtic language, and partly in Latin, thus:

(John, son of Torquil, the son of Norman, the son of Neil
Alas! Alas! By Fate laid here.

The present Church was built in 1820 with additions in 1935.

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1. Erected to the memory of WILLIAM GEBBIE, Gamekeeper, who died at Craiglan Cottage on May 14th 1881, aged 52 years; also his wife ELIZABETH BRODIE, died 22nd July 1905, aged 74 years.

2. (Flat Stone) Erected by ALEXR CAMPBELL in Memory of his spouse MARGARET CAMPBELL who died at New Kilmichael on the 18th Septr 1832 aged 73 years.

The striking similarities of the following 2 inscriptions indicate that they MAY be refer to the same stone (Heather McFarlane, 2006):

3. (Mrs. Alison Dawson’s notes)
Erected by PETER MCINTYRE and his wife MARY WALKER in memory of JOHN their son, who died 6th April 1837 aged 15 years, and of their son who died in infancy 1815.

3a. (Report of F. S. MacKenna)
Erected by JOHN MCINTYRE and his wife MARY MILLOY in memory of John their son, who died 11th April 1832 aged 15 years, and their son who died in infancy 181[?8]

4. (Table Stone) ALEXR MILLOY, Tenant of Ashfield hath erected this Monument to the memory of his wife HELEN MCINTYRE who departed this life 2nd November in the year of our Lord 1839 aged 47 years. Also to the memory of NEIL MILLOY their son who was drowned at sea on the 11th April in the same year, aged 21 years and 10 months.
"In token of his deep sorrow for their loss and of his sincere love and affection for them."

5. Erected by HELEN GLENDENNING to the memory of her beloved husband WALTER KETCHIN late Shepherd at Ashfield who in attempting to cross the ice on one of the lakes in the hill was drowned 22nd day of Decr 1853 (?1855) aged 29 years. Also, of their daughter JANET who died 25th Septr 1855 aged 6 months.

6. J. STEVENSON, 1849

7. (Within railings at NE corner, this gravestone has details also recorded on wall plaque inside church:)
Sacred to the memory of the REV DUNCAN CAMPBELL born in the Parish of Killean 1799, Minister of Acharacle from 1829 to 1832, of Inveraray from 1832 to 1846, He died beloved and respected in the twenty fifth year of his ministry in this parish, 17th April 1871.

8. In memory of FLORA CAMERON, a native of Morven, who died at the Manse, North Knapdale, 6th June 1871, aged 87. Well done, good and faithful servant and go thou into the Joy of the Lord.

9. Erected by REV JOHN D. CAMPBELL, Minister of the Parish of Aberdour, Fife, in memory of his father, the REV. JOHN CAMPBELL, Late Minister of the Parish of North Knapdale, who died in 1815, aged 51 years. And his paternal uncle DANIEL CAMPBELL, Surgeon R.N. who died at Kilfinan Manse in 1811.

10. (Broken piece of stone is lying on top)
Erected by ALEXANDER MCLA, to the memory of his beloved Father the REVD DONALD MCLACHLAN who died at the Manse here on the 23rd January 1878 in the 50th year of his age. He was born at Tayvalloch in the year 1828 and was for 17 years Minister of the Parish of Cumlodden Lochfyneside and Latterly 5 years Minister in this his native Parish.

11. (Flat stone - seems to be an ancient stone re-used.)
A. G.

12. ( Flat Stone) Placed by HUGH MCEWAN, Blarintibart, in memory of his son John who departed this life Janr 18th 1812 Aged 3[5] years.

13. (Flat stone, carved with book, “mementoMori" & Hourglass)

14. (Flat stone, carved with Campell arms on shield, “Memento Mori, skull and crossbones.)

15. (Two flat stones within railings in SE corner. The left one is carved with Campbell arms, and right one has a clan badge (arm with arrow, above castle), plus a copper plaque. The latter plaque has the following engraving:)
This is the burial place of the OLD LAIRD OF ASHFIELD (Campbell Cadet of Duntroon), the last of whom departed this life November MDCCXCVII. His grandson ROBERT CAMPBELL, ESQUIRE, M.L.A., Colonial Treasurer of New South Wales caused this railing to be erected A.D. 1859.

16. (Flat stone) Sacred to the memory of DUNCAN CAMPBELL, late tenant at Arichonan, who departed this life 12th Novr 1827 aged 50 years.

17. *Flat Stone; carved with Memento Mori/Skull & Crossbones (similar to No. 32 and 33)
Here lies NEIL JOHNSTON who ended this life the ..[?4]. day of March 1701 and of his age the 60 year.

18. Erected by JANE WALKER and her children in memory of her husband JOHN JOHNSTON who died the 21st March 1799 aged 54 years.

19. (Flat Stone)
M. D.

20. * Flat Stone with swirled carving (comb?)
A. M.

21. * Flat stone with comb and shears, swirled carving like that of #20

22. Erected by ARCHD JOHNSON, Mount Muirhead, Australia, in memory of his father DUNCAN JOHNSON, late Farmer, Garoib, who departed this life 20th January 1826 aged 65 years.

23. (Flat stone)
This is the buryeing place of JOHN MCINTYRE and ISABEL MCINTYRE, his spouse who died Ap 12th 1729 in the 23 year of her age.

24. * Flat stone beside No. 23, with carving of Skull/crossbones
1715. This is the burial place of DUNCAN MCTYRE and MARGARET CAMPBELL his spouse and their chil (sic)

25. (Grey granite stone now fallen)
Erected by DONALD MCINTOSH in memory of his father NEIL MCINTOSH, Auchnamara, who died 14th August 1851; and his mother CHRISTINA LAMONT, died 16th August 1844; also his sister Mary, died 30th March 1854 aged 52 years; and his brother ARCHIBALD, died 22nd June 1864, aged 56 years.

26. (Flat stone)
Erected by DUNCAN M.INTAGER, in memory of his mother ANN GRAME, who died the 18th August 1831, Aged 56 years.

27. Erected by LACHLAN MCTAGGART, Blairintibeart, in memory of ANN JOHNSTONE, his spouse who died 21st August 1855 aged 62 years. The above LACHLAN MCTAGGART died Nov 12th 1863 aged 74 years also his son ARCHIBALD died March 5th 1890 aged 63 years. DUNCAN MCTAGGART died at Blairintibert April 24th 1908 aged 77 years.

28.(Table Stone)
Sacred to the memory of PETER CLERK who died on the 14th [?11th] Feb 16[0]7 (or 181[?8]) in the 20th (?28th) year of his age.

29. The burial place of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, Merchant, Kilmartin who died 1798 . Here also is interred his son, REV ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, 30 years Minister in this Parish, who died 28th April 1810, Aged 63 years. This stone is erected by his affectionate daughter ANNE.

30.(Flat stone beside No. 31)
Erected by ANN MCINTYRE in memory of her husband ARCHD BROWN, late farmer Daltot, who died 20th Decr 1836 aged 63 years. The above ANN MCINTYRE died 20th April 1859 aged 83 years.

31. (Flat stone beside No. 30)
Erected by ARCHD BROWN Daltot in Memory of his son ARCHIBALD BROWN who died 5th May 1836 aged 27 years.

32. *Flat stone, carved with skull/crossbones (similar to #33)
N.B. M.T.
Here lyes the corps of NEIL BEATON who departed this life the tenth day of May 1695 [?3] his age 60 year.

33. * Flat Stone, carved with skull/crossbones (similar to #32)
A.B. E.G.
This place appointed for ... Of ARCHIBALD...[?BEATON] and EUPHAN GRAHAM his spouse and their children 1701.

34.Fallen stone (leaning)
Erected by ARCHD CAMPBELL Innkeeper at Bellanoch in memory of his father NIEL CAMPBELL late farmer at Ardrishaig who departed this life Febry 6th 1791 aged 56 years. Also his brother ANGS CAMPBELL who departed this life Febr 2(8)th 1810 aged 33 [?22] years.

35. * Flat stone, carving of blank shield, plus “Memento Mori” and skull/crossbones
This is the place appointed for the burial of HUGH MCTAVISH, Dunorsan,** and Janet McDiyor his spouse and their children.

36. * Flat stone, with carving of shield, quartered, byronnys and galleys
This is the place appointed buriel of HUGH MCTAVISH of Dunorsan** and JANET MCDIYOR his spouse and their children.

37.Flat stone under fallen stone No. 25
This is the burial pla Dun(ncan)....

38 (Immediately behind No. 10.)
Here l(y)es the Corps of JOHN WALKE who died 5 Oct 1792 aged 53 years by his son.

39.Brass plaque inside church (see also Stone No. 7)
To the Glory of God and in Loving memory of our father the REV. DUNCAN CAMPBELL. He entered upon his ministry at Acharacle in 1829, was translated to Inveraray in 1832, and to this Parish in 1846, where he died in 1871, aged 71 years; Also of our mother ISABELLA MACLEOD STEWART, who died in 1896, aged 85 years. And of our brother FRANCIS STEWART, who died in 1849, aged 19 months.

40.At S wall of graveyard and E of No. 29 above
Erected by DUGALD MCNEILL, farmer Drimdrishaig in loving memory of his wife MARY ANN MCCORMICK, who died 20th June 1904, aged 44 years; the above DUGALD B MCNEILL died 11th April 1928, aged 72 years. His wife, JESSIE CAMPBELL died 22nd Nov 1953 aged 71 years; their daughter, NANCY FLETCHER, died 25th October 1917 aged 18 months.
“Because I live Ye shall live also.”

41. (Beside No. 40)
Erected by AGNES BROWN, in memory of her beloved husband NEIL MCNEILL, farmer Ashfield, who died 21st March 1890 aged 83 years, also their children: SARAH who died 10th May 1857 aged 13 years; ARCHIBALD who died 11th March 1882 aged 39 years; the above AGNES BROWN died 27th Nov 1892 aged 74 years; their daughters, AGNES, widow of DUNCAN MCCORMICK, Finchairn died 30th Oct 1919 aged 73 years; MARY, widow of DONALD MCNEILL, Dunamuck, died Nov 1927 aged 78 years.
“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord’

42.(9 feet in front of No. 29)
Erected by the family, in loving memory of their father NEIL MCTAGGART, who died 1st June 1889 aged 87; and Mother SARAH BLUE, died 6th January 1899 aged 86 also their brothers: ARCHIBALD, died April 1871 aged 33; NEIL, died June 1871, aged 13; DUGALD, son died 1919, aged 67; MARGARET, daughter, died 1920, aged 71; JOHN son died 1926, aged 70.

43(Near NW corner of the church)
Sacred to the memory of DONALD MCCALMAN, Schoolmaster, Tayvallich, beloved husband of MARGARET TURNER, who departed this life 8th November 1880, aged 62 years; the above MARGARET TURNER died at Rothesay, 29th June 1925 aged 89 years; their son Donald died 23rd Jan 1911 aged 45 years. (Mr. McCalman published a book of poems ‘Leisure Lays.”)

44.(9 ft W of the above Donald McCalman stone, No. 43)
Erected by KIRSTY in memory of her parents who died at Craglin; JOHN KEITH on 4th July 1939 aged 86 years/ MARION FERGUSON on 23rd July 1943 aged 79 years.
Below, an inscription in Gaelic::
“Ma tha Dia leinn, co dh’ fheudas bhi ‘nar n’aghaidh”

45.(12 ft East of No. 43, ie, Donald McCalman stone)
In memory of our mother, ELISABETH BLUE, wife of JOHN FLETCHER, who died at Bellanoch 24th May 1910, aged 92 years.
Her last words
“Ri D-Slainte Dh Fheith Mise, O Thighearna” Genesis XLIX, 18.

46.(NE corner of church, beside No. 47)
Erected by DONALD MCEWAN in memory of his son, DUNCAN MCEWAN, Shoemaker, Lochgilphead, who died 16th December 1868, aged 34 yrs.

47. (NE corner of church, beside No. 46)
To the memory of HECTOR MCEWAN who died at Kilmichael Inverlussa 12th August 1924, his mother MARGARET MCNEIL died Nov 1874; his father DONALD MCEWAN, died 5th June 1879; his sister SARAH MCEWAN died 21st Novr 1929; his brother PETER MCEWAN died 2nd Feby 1942.

48. (West of stone No. 22)
Erected by FLORA GILLIES in memory of her beloved husband LACHLAN JOHNSON died at Kilmory Lochgilphead 10th May 1934, aged 72 years; also his father DONALD JOHNSON died at Gariob 13th Augt 1895 aged 87 years; his mother ANN MCTAGGART, died at Gariob 22nd Decr 1888 aged 65 years; his brothers: ARCHIBALD died at Gariob 5th March 1871, aged 6 years; DUNCAN died at Gariob 17th Feby 1880 aged 22 years; the above FLORA GILLIES OR JOHNSON died at Lochgilphead 15th Augt 1939 aged 74 years.

49. (6" W of No. 48)
Erected by DONALD MCNICOL in memory of his father RONALD MCNICOL who died Jan 9th 1873; also his brothers:
DUNCAN, died June 1st 1912
JOHN, died June.. 1913
ARCHIBALD, died Sept 24th 1907
ALEXANDER, died May 17th 1877
JAMES, Aug 7th 1907
NEIL, March 10th 1893
RONALD, Feb 3rd 1907
and his sister, FLORA, died June 5th, 1906

* from RCAHMS (Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland) "Ecclesiastical Monuments", vol 7, #72, pp 151-152
** “Dunorsan”, “Dunoronsay”, now “Dunrostan”, NR 734815; in 1815, belonged to McTavish of Dunardry.