Alternative names: Cill Mo Charmaig; Kilmachcharmick; Keillmore; Church of Saint Cormack
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Transcriptions made by F. S. MacKenna in 1984,
and Mrs. Alison Dawson, Tayvallich, in 1982.

This chapel dedicated to St. Charmaig is in the care of the Dept of the Environment: it has been re-roofed, in order to protect the mediaeval grave slabs recovered from the churchyard, and a 7th century cross. A reproduction of the latter cross now stands outside the Church.

Marion Campbell notes that:
The box-tomb in the NE corner is arguably the finest in Argyll: its carving includes a harp and remains of its tuning-key. Latin inscriptions read, “here lie... and Allan his son”, and “Allan... had me made.” The box-tomb at the SE, with a ship, reads, “Here lies Torquil son of Malcolm son of Niall,” probably the McNeill chief who died about 1533. A stone on the S wall reads, “John son of Christian and Aithbreac daughter of Molmalm”; the stump of a mediaeval cross bears an anvil, tongs and hammer on one side, and on the other reads, “Christin and Smith, the son of Celestin Macicui, had this cross made”...

A stone in the floor, decorated only with a raised strap and a perforation, reputedly marked the grave of ‘Lame Eoghann, a noted robber,’ who had the hole made so he could ‘look out at his beloved hills’ (alternatively, so that he could take snuff with his descendants.) This may be a folk-memory of Lame John MacDougall of Lorn who died in exile in 1317 after losing Castle Sween to Robert I.

Keills is traditionally linked with Eilean Mor MacCormaig... as the site of a Celtic teaching-centre of ‘little cells’ (Cenaculae, whence Keills) whose founder made his retreats to the nearby Island.

Outside the now disused burial ground are several rectangular building foundations and enclosures, indicating a depopulated settlement, Keillmore.

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Campbell, Marion. Mid Argyll, an Archaelogical Guide, Natural History and Antiquarian Society of Mid Argyll, 1984.


Erected by ARCHD MACGILP in memory of his father NEIL MACGILP Tenant in Barnlochan, who died 21 March 1841 aged 70 years.

2 Erected to the memory of NORMAN MCLEOD, son to JOHN MCLEOD in Barbreck, who died March 2nd 1795, aged 17 years.

3. Here Lyes The Corps of Duncan McIlphadrick, Tenant in Danne WHO*DIED*IN*MAY*1753 *AGED*48*YEARS.

4.Flat Stone
Erected by DUNCAN*CAMPBELL, Forester * OIBMORE;
To the memory of HECTER BAXTER, who died .ebury 12th 1829 age 36 years.

5.Flat Stone

6.Flat stone
B 1829

7. Here lie the corp of DUNCAN MCLEAN, son to NEIL MCLEAN in Danna, who died Febr 2, 1754, aged 3.

8. Erected by DUGALD GRAHAM to the memory of his beloved mother MARGARET COLQUHOUN who died 31st June (sic) 1871 aged 56 years, also his brothers:
ANGUS, died 27th Feb 1856, aged 23 years
ARCHD, died 23rd June 18{6}4, aged 14 years
DUNCAN, died 4th Sept 1872, aged 17 years
also, his sister ANN, died 11th Nov 18.., aged 36 years, and was interred at OLD KILPATRICK
also, 2 children who died in infancy.
His father, ALEXANDER GRAHAM, died 17th October, 1889, aged 81 years.

9. Erected by DONALD MACGUGAN to the memory of his beloved spouse ISABEL MACGILP who departed this life on the 20th day of February 1860, in the 65th year of her age. Here also lie the remains of ....
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: REV XIV.13

10.Inside chapel at West Wall; recorded by A.Dawson, 16 Feby 1992:
In Memoriam ARCHIBALD MCGILP Coshindrochaid, and his wife, MARGARET MCMILLAN, died 3rd Nov 1890, Aged 85 and 78 years.
They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in death they were not divided
Also their daughters, CHRISTINA, died 10th Nov 1869, aged 28 years; JANET ORR, died 8th Dec 1875, aged 40 years.
The memory of the just is blessed

11.Beside No. 9 , outside chapel; recorded by A Dawson, 16th Feby 1992:
In memory of DONALD MCGUGAN, Farmer, Barahormid, died 1st December 1867, aged 73 years; his sons, ALEXANDER died 29th August 1870, aged 34 years; DONALD died 24th December 1892, aged 64 years; ARCHIBALD died 1st December 1895, aged 59 years.
Erected by the family of DUNCAN MCGUGAN, 1908.