NR73486 (Off B8025 at Tayvallich)
by F. S. McKenna 1984,
with corrections and Elucidations by Mr Ian Fisher of the Royal Commission
amd Mrs. Alison Dawson, Tayvallich, June 1982,
who made further corrections in 2006
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This burial ground is situated on the shore at the SE angle of Carsaig Bay, an inlet across from the Island of Jura. Currie, writing in 1830, records the traditional name as “Carn Chaonich,” or “Kenneth’s Tomb":

“....This person was Kenneth McLean from the Island of Mull, who about two hundred and forty years since (ie, since 1830), in the reign of James VI of Scotland, landed on this coast with a number of his followers, to revenge a quarrel he had with MacNeill of Taynish, Laird of Ross in this parish. Having defeated MacNeill and his adherents, he carried with him the spoils of his victory, which in those days consisted to cattle, to the Bay of Carasaig, in order to be ferred to Mull.

Here he was met by MacIlebhearnaig (ie, ‘Graham’) of Oib, who remonstrated with him on this cruelty to MacNeill. Kenneth replied, ‘This evening you will lose you head, when I shall enjoy the embraces of your fair spouse.’ Graham, with much address and presence of mind, said to him, ‘Look at that beautiful ship, under full sail, coming down the Sound of Jura.’ On this, McLean turned round to see the ship, when Graham, seizing the opportunity, thrust his dagger into Kenneth’s side, when he fell and was there buried...”

(From Dr. Archibald Currie, A Description of the Antiquities and Scenery of the Parish of North Knapdale, Argyleshire, Glasgow, W.R.McPherson, 1830.)


1 ** (Flat Stone; Centre: Shield, with Crown and Hammer, date 1736.)
Here lyes the corps of JOHN ANDERSON hammerman in Taighbhellich who died March the 3 1736 aged 77 also appointed for JANET ROBERTSON his spous & their children.
(“hammerman” , ref Shorter Oxford English Diction, man who works with a hammer, especially a smith or worker with metal)

2.Flat Stone
. Here rest the earthly remains of MATTHEW MCBRIDE, late teacher in Tayvallich... ELIZABETH MCMILLAN his spouse... Of Arran, who esteemed through life died much regretted. The former ninth July MDCCCXVIII aged sixty one years; the latter thirty first May MDCCCXXIII aged sixty five years.

3. PATRICK MUNRO aged 84 years died June 1793. (“d”s are reversed to “b” here)

4.** Here lies the corps of JOHN MCKICHAN ALIAS MCDUGALD, son to GILLBERT MCKICHAN in Knap who died Febr 2d 1751, aged 26 (years). Done by DUGALD MCKICHAN

5. 1864. Erected by JOHN AND ARCHIBALD MCNEIL in memory of their father DONALD MCNEIL, Ardnackaig, born March 25, 1770, died March 1, 1836, and their mother CHRISTINA MCCALLUM, died January 13th 1835, aged 66 years. The above ARCHIBALD MCNEIL died at Dunoon, 13th November, 1891, aged 82 years.

6. 1864. Erected by MARY AND CATHERINE GRAHAM in memory of their father HUGH GRAHAM, Glensaul, died July 15 1847, aged 67 years. And their mother ANN JOHNSTON, died Oct 16 1847, aged 66 years. The above CATHERINE GRAHAM, wife to ARCHIBALD MCNEIL, Died 3rd September 1864 aged 60 years.

7. 1781. Here layes JOHN GRAHM and his spouse, erected by ISABEL GRAHAM his daughter.

8. Here lyeth the body of DNIEL BACKSTER who died in the year 1760 aged 60 years.

9. In memory of CATHRINE MACNEIL, wife of DUNCAN BLACK, late tenant Gallchoilly, died Mar 5, 1847, aged 54 years.

10. ALEX GRAHAM, Tayvallich died Agust 9, 18[1]0, aged 60 years.

11. Erected by NEIL MCNEIL, Ardnackaig, in memory of his father MALCOLM MCNEIL late tacksman Ardnackaig who died 2nd March 1837 aged 84 years; and his mother HELEN GRAHAM who died 6th March 1840 aged 85 years. Also his son JAMES who died 1st Feby 1845 aged 24 years. HELEN, his daughter died 9 Nov 1869 aged 29 years; NEIL his son, died 11th Dec 1874 aged 52 years. The above NEIL MCNEIL died 24th June 1878 aged 88 years.

12. Flat stone at former entrance to ruin.
Erected by DUGALD CAMPBELL in Scotnish, in memory of his children FLORA AND DUGALD who departed this life the former on the 28th May 1814 aged 19 years. The latter on the 16 May 1823 aged 23 years. Also the erector who departed this life the 29 May 1826 aged 65 years.

13.Flat stone
Erected by JOHN CAMPBELL Tayvallich

14. ** Stone with Wings, “Momento Mori”, Cross, Child’s Head.
Here lys the corps of ANGUS MCINTAYLER, son to MALCOLM MCINTAYLER in Ardbeg who dayed Decr 1719 aged 21 years.

15. Family burying ground of NIEL CAMPBELL, Bellanoch, in memory of his son NIEL who died on the 18th June 1840, aged 4 years.

16. In memory of HUGH PATERSON, who died at Barnashalg 14 July 1854 aged 67. Also CATHERINE MCMILLAN, his wife who died 14th November 1857 aged 53 years.

17.Flat stone
Erected by JOHN MCLEOD, Innkeeper Tayvallech, in Memory of his Daughter MARY MCLEOD who died 16th October 1839 aged 2 years and 6 months.

18. Flat stone.
DUNCAN MCGUGAN, weaver at Tayvallich, in memory of his daughter BETTY who died May 1834 aged 24 years.

19.(Within low iron rail enclosure)
Erected by ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, farmer Gruinart, Islay, in memory of his parents, DUNCAN CAMPBELL died 1810; SARAH MCKAY his wife died 1852. ANGUS CAMPBELL their son died 1835.

20. ** Here lys ALEXNR HUIE, Shipmaster in Salcots, who died 17th Febry 1749 aged 73.

21.(Flat stone at rear of ruin)
This is the burying place of ROGER GRAHAM Esquire, late of Ardnackaig who departed this life on the 9th April 1801.

22. ** This is the burying place of ANGUS GRAHAM, who died at Ardnackaig 1760 aged 60 years, and of his wife and their children.

23.(Angel’s head/ wings on reverse of stone)
Here lys the corps of DUNCAN NEIL MCLEAN of T’Innischonnel, who dyd at Tayvallich Sept 1750 aged 6(6) years this do ... by (the direction) of MARGARET MCLAUCHLAN his ... ear spouse.

24. **Reverse has relief Sculpture of Angel’s head & wings, also “Momento Mori”
Here lys the corps of JEAN CAMPBELL spous to DUNCAN BAXTER in Carsaig d Jan 1755 aged... and appointed for MARGARET CAMPBELL her mother and DUNCAN BAXTER their burying place.

25.(Top portion has fallen & side piece is missing.)
JAMES BAXTER. Duned ago of New Zealand to the memory of his mother MARGARET BA... died at Tay... on the 4th Ju... aged 72 years

26.Flat stone and upright.
Erected by ARCHIBALD MUNN, tenant in Arinafad More, in memory of his brother NIEL who died 20 March 1816 aged 24 years.

27.Table stone.
Erected by JOHN LAMONT, to the memory of his beloved son JOHN, who died 7th February 1865 aged 18 years; also his two children ANGUS AND DUNCAN who died in infancy.

28.Table stone.
Erected by JOHN MCLEOD, Innkeeper Tayvallich, in memory of his father ARCHIBALD MCLEOD; of his mother MARY MCGUGAN: the former departed this life the 29th Jany 1814 aged 71 years; the latter 2nd June 1821 aged 75.

29. Flat stone.
In memory of JOHN CAMPBELL, late merchant in Tayvallich, died 21 June 1819 aged 52, erected by DONALD CAMPBELL his brother

30.Flat stone beside #29 above
Erected by DONALD CAMPBELL, Tayvallich, in memory of his daughter AMELIA who died the 26th of October 18(0)1 aged 4 years.

31. Erected by ALLAN MCLEAN, in memory of his father who died at Leachy July 18, 1848, ALLAN MCLEAN aged 75 years.

32. Facing #31
Erected by ANN MCLEAN , in memory of her grandfather ALLAN MCLEAN, who died at Leachy 18th July 1848, aged 75 years, and her loving uncle ALLAN MCLEAN who died 17th March 1878 aged 56 years. Also the Above ANN MCLEAN who died 11th January 1935 aged 83 years and interred in Airbles Cemetery, Motherwell.

33. Erected by HECTOR MCLEAN, Tayvallich, in memory of his wife MARGARET CAMPBELL who died January 14th 1846 aged 40 years. Also his two sons MALCOLM lost at sea, March 1862 aged 24 years; ALLAN drowned in the Clyde through the Daphne disaster, July 3rd, 1883 aged 48 years.

34. Table stone.
Erected by NIEL MCCALLUM, in Kentallan, in memory of his daughter MARAGRAT, who departed this life 2 March 1822 aged 14 years.

35. Erected to the memory of ROBERT CAMPBELL, Kilmory Ross, who died 22nd December 1837, aged 42 years; his daughter SARAH who died in 1833 aged 4 years; also his grandson ROBERT who died 13th May 1877 aged 3 years, beloved son of JAMES AND ISABELLA CAMPBELL. This monument was renewed in 1907 by his son, P. CAMPBELL.

36.Flat stone
JOHN CAMPBELL, Late tacksman at Duntaynish who departed this life in Aug 1839 aged 52 years.

37. Erected by DUNCAN MCMILLAN, farmer Fernoch, in memory of his father DUNCAN MCMILLAN, late farmer Cosindrochid, died 1852 aged 91. Also his son MALCOLM, died 1853 aged 19; and of his daughter CATHRINE, died 1877 aged 40. The above DUNCAN MCMILLAN died about 1878; his wife FLORA MUNRO, died March 1895 aged 90,. Their son DONALD died 16th Nov 1929 aged 83.

38.Table stone
Erected by RODERICK MCLEOD, Galick teacher from the parish of Assynt, in memory of his son MURDOCH who died 2d Nov 1832 aged 14 years.

39.(Upright Sandstone stone much weathered and indistinct)
DONALD PATERSON..... His.... Brother
Blessed..... Which die in the Lord.

40. NEIL FISHER in memory of his wife, MERCY MCKEY, 1862.

41. Erected by NEIL SMITH, Farmer, Drimnagal, in memory of his mother CATHERINE PATERSON who died at Drimnagal 22nd Septr 1855 aged 45 years; his father DUGALD SMITH, late farmer Drimnagal who died there 16th May 1869, aged 66 years; his sister SARAH who died at Drimnagal 10th January 1875 aged 26 years.

42(Within low concrete enclosure are 3 stones, an upright and 2 flat stones)
a. Flat Stone

Erected by DUNCAN CAMPBELL, Tacksman Barnashalg, to the memory of his sons ARCHD & DUNCAN: the former died 28th Oct 1841 aged 21 years, and the latter 26 May 1843 aged 17 years.
b. Flat stone
c. Upright marble stone
Erected by DUNCAN CAMPBELL, Barnashalg, in Memory of his father DUNCAN CAMPBELL who died 7th July 1867, aged 78 years; and his mother JANET MACINTYRE who died April 1848 aged 50 years. The above DUNCAN CAMPBELL died at Eilean Righ 15th Nov 1918 aged 74 years; his wife ANN FLETCHER died at Eilean Righ 25th March 1926 aged 76 years. Their sons DUNCAN drowned at Loch Craignish, 26th October 1912 aged 41 years; MALCOLM died at Keillsbeg 26th Jan 1901 aged 25 years; JAMES died in infancy at Barnashalg 5th Feb 1881.

43. Erected by ARCHIBALD GRAHAM in memory of his parents ARCHIBALD GRAHAM who died 17th Sept 1872 aged 74; and MATILDA MCARTHUR died 13th February 1852 aged 48; his brother ALEXANDER died 17th March 1880 aged 40; his niece MATILDA BROWN died 8th Decr 1867 aged 14 months. The above ARCHIBALD GRAHAM died 15th January 1915 aged 69; his son HUGH K GRAHAM, killed in France, 1st April 1918 aged 24.

44. **(Mural inside ruin)
This is erected over the remains of ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL OF STRONDOUR who died on Novr ye 13th 1719 in the 42nd year of his age, by the direction of DANIEL CAMPBELL OF CARSAIG and ALEXANDER CAMPBELL JUNR Mercht in Glasgow, his sons 1748.
(followed by inscription in Latin)

45. To the memory of NEIL BLUE, tenant in Downie who died 26 June 1799 aged 65 years. This stone is erected by his affectionate wife MARY KERR.

46. ** Here lys the corps of DUNCAN MCLAUCHLAN SON TO INNISCHONNELL who dyd at Tayvollich in 1739 aged 66 years. This don by the devotion of MARGARET his dou [ghter]

47. MOR GRAHAM spous to DONALD GRAHAM, Barn... taxman of Barnashallag who died ... 1761

48. **Shaped stone, skull & cross bones on back.
HENDRETH MCLAUCHLAN spous to DUNCAN SMITH hammerman att Tayvallich d 17 Feb 1750 aged 27 years

49. **On back: ‘Memento Mori’ and large skull & crossbones
This is the place appointed for the buriall of ARCHIBALD MCALISTER in Tayvallich and ANN BROWN his spouse and their children 1731.
(Not caught by Dawson)

** Noted in RCAHMS (Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland), “Ecclesiastical Monuments”, pages 51-2, #15