Souming and Sowing of the Estate of Taynish

At Tayvellich the Fourteenth day of September One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy nine years

(pages 15 and 16: Two testimonials)
In Presence of DUNCAN CAMPBELL, one of the Trustees for LIEUTENANT COLONEL ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL OF THE SEVENTY FIRST REGIMENT OF FOOT, now proprietor of the Lands which formerly belonged to ROGER MACNEILL OF TAYNISH in the parish of North Knapdale

Compeared NEIL MACLUCCASH (sic) present possessor of a part of the lands of Taynish aged fourty eight years of thereby, unmarried, who being solemnly sworn & Interrogated

Depones that about twenty five or twenty six years ago he was Servant with ANGUS MACNEILL, BROTHER TO COLLONSAY, who then possessed the lands of Taynish and Duntaynish;

That the deponent does not know the ancient soumning of either of these farms But that Angus MacNeill kept upon the farm of Taynish Thirty Eight cows with their followers of Two year olds Stirks and Calves, two Riding horses, four plow horses and four pownys (sic)

That in the Summer Season, he was in use to lighten the Grass of Taynish by sending the most of the two year olds and the four plow horses and four pownys (sic) to other pasture;

That he used to sow at an average communibus Annis from Twenty to Twenty Six Bolls great oats; from four to five bolls barley; and from three to four bolls potatoes upon the Lands of Taynish

Depones that the said Angus MacNeill kept at same time many Cattle upon the said Lands of Duntaynish and had farmers on it who returned him bolls from it, but the number of Cattle kept upon it or the number of bolls paid out of it the Deponent does not know.

And this is the truth as he shall answer to God and declares he cannot write.
(Signed) Duncan Campbell

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Compeared MALCOLM MACINTAYLOR, TENANT IN BARHORMAID aged Seventy eight years or thereby, a Widower, who being solemnly sworn and Interrogated

Depones, That the ancient souming of the Lands of Taynish was from Thirty six to Thirty eight cows with their followers of Stirks and Calves; four plow horses, four pownys and two riding horses; and Fourty Sheep with their followers of Two year olds, year olds, and Lambs; That the Sowing of the said Lands was from Twenty six to Twenty Seven bolls great oats; Seven bolls Barley; and from three to four bolls potatoes;

Depones that the Souming of Duntaynish was Fourty cows with few followers; Eight horses and fourty sheep or thereby

That the Sowing thereof was from Twenty Six to Twenty Seven bolls of great oats; from three to four bolls barley; and some potatoes

And this is truth as he shall answer to God and declares he cannot write.
(Signed) Duncan Campbell