IP02: INVERNIEL PAPERS, 4 April 1814


1803, 1810, 1815 - 16
Minute of Set of the Lands of Kilmory (Pages 232 - 236)

The Town and Lands of Kilmory in Ross Knapdale, with the pertinents of the same as occupied in the Eighteen hundred and nine by JAMES CAMPBELL AND JOHN CAMPBELL, tenants thereof were on the Twenty eighth of November that year Set to them by DUNCAN CAMPBELL OF ROSS, the proprietor, for the space of Nine years from the term of Whitsunday thereafter at the Rent of Eighty four pounds sterling payable equally between them besides public and parish burdens by Minute of said date subscribed by the said Duncan Campbell and James Campbell but not by the said John Campbell owing to his Indisposition and subsequent death

But was subscribed by his son ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, but AFTERWARDS however DUNCAN CAMPBELL MASTER OF THE CHARLOTTE KATHARINE SLOOP AND ELDEST SON AND HEIR of the said John Campbell having claimed Right to the Set and assumed possession of the half of the farm and occupied it under the conditions underwritten until the Eighteenth day of the month of March Eighteen hundred and fourteen years when, by Minute under his Signature,

He with consent of the proprietor, Assigned and Transferred all right title and Interest he had or could claim to the Set of the Half of the said farm still unexpired from and after the term of Whitsunday thereafter To and in favour of SARAH LAMONT ALIAS CAMPBELL, his mother and DONALD CAMPBELL HIS BROTHER GERMAN equally between them.

Therefore the said Duncan Campbell of Ross Heritable Proprietor of the said Town and Lands of Kilmory In confirmation of the aforesaid assignment and transference and in consideration of the Tack duty and under the Reservations and conditions aftermentioned

Hereby Sets and in Tack and Assedation Lets to the said SARAH LAMONT ALIAS CAMPBELL AND DONALD CAMPBELL HER SON and survivor of them equally between them Expressly secluding Assignees and subtenants legal or voluntary for the whole remaining year of the before mentioned set granted to the Husband of the said Sarah Lamont and Father of the said Donald Campbell from and after the term of Whitsunday next to come

(Moss Leave)

The aforesaid just and equal half of the said Town and Lands of Kilmory with Moss leave upon the same where it can be conveniently had with the least damage to the farm And shall be previously designed and marked out by the said Proprietor or his Baron Baillie or Baron Officer
And with a Moss leave likewise in the common Moss of Dunancaldine
and seventh division thereof on the East side of the Main Ditch in said Moss
and Moss leave also in the Moss of Monanaheilde
and sixth division thereof upon the west side of the Main Ditch in the said Moss
But always under the Reservations conditions and regulations contained in the first six pages of this "Book of Sets of the Proprietors Estates in North Knapdale" so far as applicable to this set.

(Payment: Money)

In consideration whereof and upon the other part The said SARAH LAMONT ALIAS CAMPBELL AND DONALD CAMPBELL (her son) hereby promise and engage jointly and severally to content and pay to the said Duncan Campbell the Proprietor the sum of Forty Two Pounds Sterling money of Tack duty at the term of Martinmas immediately after their Entry into possession in virtue of this Set

(Goods and Services)

But hereby declaring it optional always to him and his heirs and successors to demand and Receive and it incumbent upon the said SARAH LAMONT and DONALD CAMPBELL to deliver and perform to him in part payment and to account of the aforesaid Tack duty
One boll oatmeal of nine stone weight at the conversion of twenty shillings ...
Boll two bolls bear of Sixteen pecks each of Auchinbreck measure at the conversion of Twenty two shilling per Boll.
Both deliverable at the Granary of Taynish between the first of November and first of April yearly as the same may be required,
Three Hens Three dozen of Eggs or, in case of delivery of a cock in place of a Hen,
Twenty Eggs with each Cock at the conversion of ten pence for each fowl and dozen of Eggs accompanying the same
deliverable at the Mansion House of Taynish
and performance of three days service of a man and horse within the bounds of North Knapdale at the conversion of one shilling per day and that at any time required within the year (Seed and Harvest time excepted)

And so forth to continue in the like yearly payment and performance during the currency hereof with a fifth part more of liquidate penalty for each terms failure and the legal Interest of the said Tack duty from the Respective terms of payment during the not payment of the same and further to ... the proprietor. And the sb.. set of all public and parish burdens and exactions payable furth of the same during the currency hereof Excepting feu duty to the Superior

(Farm Maintenance and Mill and Smithy Services)

And in regard the House March and Corn Dykes Ditches and other Inclosures upon the Lands hereby set are to be received by the said Tenants on their Entry into possession under comprisement of the sworn Birleymen of the Estate so the before named Tenants Engage for themselves and their foresaids to maintain these subjects in good order and condition during the currency hereof and leave them sufficient under the like comprisement at removal or otherwise to pay the comprized deficiency thereof and to bring all their grindable corn and bear (Seed and Horse Corn Excepted) to the Mill of Tontaynish to be grinded thereat And all their iron work to the Smithy upon the Estate to which they are astricted to be worked therein And to pay and perform the accustomed Multures dues and services to the said Mill and Smithy And to observe and fulfill due Regulation and Rotation of the Tillage Land

and all Reservations and Conditions specified and contained in the first six pages of this BOOK OF SETS OF THE PROPRIETORíS ESTATES aforesaid All which are here referred to an held as engrossed herein for Brevity Sake Insofar as applicable to this set

(Baron Baillie Court)

and give suit and presence to the Baron Baillie Courts to be held upon the Estate by the Proprietor or His aforesaids as often as cited thereto And to fulfill all the lawful Enactments thereof for the Improvement of the subjects set And the maintaining civilization and good order in the Parish And to performance of the premises Parties hereby engage wider the penalty of Twenty Pounds sterling to be paid by the failzier to the Observer besides performance

And they hereby Dispense with every objection and Exception comp... To the validity of these presents And agree to have the same Extended and regularly Executed by them upon stamp paper in more ample form if necessary

And they consent to the Registration hereof in the Books of any competent Judicatory that Letters of Horning on six days change or other Execution may... thereon in form as accords And thereto they constitute their procurators

(Signatures and Witnesses)

In witness whereof these Presents written upon this and the four preceeding pages by JAMES CAMPBELL Residenter at Taynish are

Subscribed by the said Parties with their ordinary signatures and marks

At Taynish the fourth day of April one thousand eight hundred and fourteen years Before these witnesses the said James Campbell and John Campbell, menial servant at Taynish

(Signed) Duncan Campbell (Proprietor of Ross)
Sarah Lamont (her mark)
Donald Campbell (signed)
James Campbell, witness (Residenter at Taynish)
John Campbell, witness (Menial Servant at Taynish)