These letters survived untouched in a small wooden box for more than 100 years. They were rescued from that silence by one of Donald McGilp's great-great grandchildren.

Dugald Campbell was the son of Donald's sister Catherine McGilp, and her husband, Dugald Campbell. The latter couple were married in Danna, North Knapdale in 1813.

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Letter #09: From his nephew, Dugald Campbell, in Massachusetts

Failsvill, December 14th 1856
Dear uncle
I thought about righting to you long before this, but I past one week after another. But I thought I wood wright this time. I had a letter from hame last week, they were all well at that time except my mother was very fibile. My mother had not very good health since my Father Died. Margret was hear with me. But she went ham last week. The people round the ecept some of them are Dying (sic).

Dear Unkle, I wood lik to go to Aper Canady to se my frends. But I donít no not if iver I will se you this side af the grave. But it Donít make no grat Defarance whether we will met hear or not if we will met an the right hand of God.

Our Crop at ham was very light this year, the land is improving very much, the land hear is very poor there is But very little Farming hear, it is all Manufaturing, Most all wood whare our shop the kep 150 Making Chairs there is great Market for Chars this winter.

The winter is very open hear, a grat Dal of rain. My work is very good hear & my pay is very good I had 100 pounds last year and boarding . This year I have 135 pounds this year But Bord myself. This is a very good place to work I wood like to hear from the old Cantry.

Dear Unkle I have no grat news for this time But if this will Cam to your hand & wright back to me I wood lik to no if my sister Janet I left her in Montreal on the way for going is there. Dear unkle I wood be very glad to se you and all my frends Dear Unkle I hap you will wright to me as soon as posible I wood lik to hear if my sister Janet is there or nat.

Dear Unkle I hap you will not forgat to right to me son I will give you all the news in the next letter I have na mare to say at this time. But Love to you and all your family and all my frends round ther. I hap you will not far gat wrighting to me & if we are not permitted to se one another hear that we ay all met in the world to cam to rise with Crist in his kingdam

Direct to D Campbell care of
Greewood, Jameson & Co
Templeton Est Villige