These letters survived untouched in a small wooden box for more than 100 years. They were rescued from that silence by one of Donald McGilp's great-great grandchildren.

This letter was written to Donald McGilp by his nephews, the sons of Angus McGilp and Catherine Shaw.

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Letter #06: Letter from Donald's nephews

Addressed to:
Mr Donald McGilp, Lot 14th, 7 Concession
Wallaceton P. O. London District
Canada West, North America

Balure, 17th May 1856
Dear Uncle

I received yours of the 1st March, and happy to hear from you and learn from its contents that you and your family were all well when you wrote. I have the pleasure now to inform you that I and all our families at Balure are all well. I had a sore hand some time ago, but now it is almost whole through the Kindness of Providence, to whom we are indebted for all his mercies.

Dear Uncle, I will now let you know the No. and name of the Family that God has bestowed on, given me, there are five: Angus, Neil, Alexr, Catherine, Mary. Neilsí family consists of two Girls, Catherine & Margaret. Duncan also are married to Isabella, daughter of Dugald Thomson, farmer Dunmore, and has one son called Angus. We are living each of us in his own house since our Dear Father died. Since his departure, there is a great blank in this family. You wish to learn the trouble of whom he died. It was from a bowel complaint. He stood Eight days only, and they were both interred at Kilmory* side by side.

Dear Uncle, as for Brother Alexr, he is always getting weaker, he kept the Smithy yet, but we do not expect that he will ever work a day in it. We must submit to all this.

Mary and her family are all well. We are Sorry, Dear Uncle to learn that you lost your Dear Partner, our Aunt, whom we all loved and respected much. We feel for your longing for your Change, but in another Sense we ought to be thankful that we have reason to believe that you are strengthened to bear in Patience all trouble through Christ which Strengtheneth you and all who trusts in him.

You will be glad to learn that Dun & Alexr McIntyre Ardnaw are going there this summer; Dun Fisher, Doid, Dear Uncle we had a letter in this quarter informing us of the death of Dugd Gillies the Millar, who died in Australia Last Winter.

Regarding our markets, we see no difference between ours and yours in anything; and for the country it is not getting any better for the poor. Dear Uncle we trust you will forgive us for not writing you before now, but if God Spares us, we promise and wish to keep correspondence with our Uncle and family henceforth. Please let us know if you want to have us there, rather than here for we are doing very little of the world here. Be sure to write. All friends are well. Tell Cousin Neil that we wish him to write us once more for we lost his address. We have a probationer here occasionally among whom we had Mr Brown the American Missionary who told us that he paid you several visits and knew you. We all join in Sending you and your family and all enquiring friends and old neighbours our best respects and blessings. We have the Honour Dear Uncle to be your most affectionate Nephews.

John, Neil and Duncan McGilp

(*Your webhost suspects they were buried at Kilmory Knap Chapel. If so, their monument has not survived.)