FYI: The splendid youtube has provided some clan histories including the Barra McNeils, etc Campbells, Armstrongs!

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CLAN MACMILLAN!!! People (who shall be nameless) have asked me over and over, "Why McMillans?" The simple answer is, of course, that this is MY site, and I can do whatever. However, more seriously: Alexander McMillan's Cross at Kilmory Knap. This is a splendid object, and is as fine an object as anything in Scotland. Thank goodness Knapdale was so isolated, the first fine iconoclastic rage of the Protestant Reformation did not reach Kilmory Knap.

And, Canada's Yukon Territory rejoices in a McMillan River, named after James McMillan, a native of Scotland. I live in the Yukon.

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I have been very pleased with Author House's support in making the Arichonan book, and I would not hesitate to use their services again. All this is a prelude to this: if you choose to publish a work of your own, and - further - decide to use Author House, then it would be great if you mention this website along the way, as they will pay me $100 for such a referral! Which would be quite a wonderful thing! No, I have not made enough money to cover my initial publishing expense. However, the book has found interested readers, and for that I am proud. To be honest, I hope that the Arichonan townsite is - eventually - studied by archaeologists. I think humans lived on that hill for a very long time.